>Emotions: a compendium or a pandemonium

>Jubilant: Last week the neighborhood was in a jubilant mood, you would think that the second coming is upon us.  The reason, Trader Joe’s just opened, that means they don’t have to limit themselves to Safeway and Lucky’s on the other side of the lake.  I was one of those who checked it out, bought some persimmons, saw quite a number of people from church. That tells us that we are indeed in a consumerist world.

Wonder: I was in a bit of a funk last week, belatedly, (I did say the party is over, some posts ago) wondering if I am doing what God wants me to do.

Contentment: Contentment is being in that place where there is no wanting, that feeling that everything the is needed we have. A difficult state to be achieved, noting that consumerist state. The first dictum in economics that I learned in college is that Man by nature is insatiable.

Happy: About life in general, my family, friends, my place is even clean:) T talking about her aunt said she is always happy, she has a happy marriage.  In my play of words, I countered, she has a happy marriage, becuase she has a happy disposition.  A relationship cannot be the result of a state of being, it is the other way around. Yes?

Sadness: The parish community was saddened yesterday with the news that the mother of our Pastor passed away, during the 9:00 am mass. She who brought him to life, taught him the grace and virtues to want to be a priest. I didn’t know that I have an emotional connection with her that I cried almost to a howl. I pray for the repose of her soul, happy in a way that she will be with Him and enjoy eternal life.


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