>Life: Between BS and PC

>I listened to this book, a while back and thought nothing of it. It is about bullshit, how our culture has so much of it, that we think we can spot it from a mile away and be able to duck.  If I remember his premise right, he is saying that even if someone is sincere about what is being said, there is still a certain amount of BS into it.

Now with BS, political correctness, and that desire to be recognize, we must be floating in a sub reality having just a hint of what life really is but if it will be offending or too much to take, we can subsume things as life is still great.  Almost having blinders too scared to face reality.

I fear this kind of thinking will lead me into an unrealistic existence. I am not afraid of truths, I’d rather have it even if it hurts.  Why am I bullshitting you dear readers with this kind of theories so early in the morning on a holiday at that.

Not for me, though, I am coming in later today, a meeting has been cancelled, not work related, but we are having brunch with a senior member of our church. She is homebound these days and certainly misses company. 

Going back to my premise, I fear that even our faith is being reduced to BS.  No intention of being sacrilegious here.  I feel that sometimes in our desire not to offend, to be politically correct, we are missing the point, we try to find justification for our actions, and see affirmation from others.

I know all about Catholic conscience, discernment, my belief, love for God, and that I try to exercise with open eyes and the true compassion. My point: I am old, I don’t need that, I don’t need to be mollycoddled, nor do I dish it out. I sometimes hide under the excuse of being lost in translation and I am polite most of the time, we were raised to be proper I would say in a phoney, laughable manner :).

Let’s just be real, no more BS, please.


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