Of writers, authors, and bloggers..


Norman Mailer has passed, earlier this year, the Death of a Salesman author passed, I thought it was Mailer, to anybody who knows me well that’s normal, not the death of Norman but my lack of details. Anyway, I enjoyed Harlot’s Ghost and the Death of a Salesman, reads of long ago.

Mailer in Harlot’s xx  even showed me how to remember details by association, not that it lasted long.  Anyway, there are writers and there are writers, I noticed that modern writers these days are making things so simplistic, that the power of imagination is not even tickled. As what a friend said it is like a narcotic, a temporary feed to an additction.

I am discovering even bloggers in WordPress and of course in blogspot. I am finding that there are professors who maintain their blog for their students. Some are authors for reference materials on subject matters like economics. I tried to recall books that I used for my academic preparation ages ago and only found a few, but a recent read called Freakonomics was mentioned and I am pleased with that, that I am getting my facts correctly.

I am tagsurfing on topics like faith, Catholic, life, food. And was drawn to such enlightening accounts of life and faith journey of some. I have also seen a change in tone of some of those that I follow, evidence that writing, especially if it’s not recital of facts it can be a pure emotional exercise.

Oh well, I will be working on the backdoor next week, helping someone setup a website and a blog account . As s part of my geeky existence, I decided that I will continue moonlight, en gratis or for payment to create websites, content included, and everything else about computers. More on that later…

Now I am wondering if some writers will sell their soul, ho’ing to my friend, to get what they want instead of what they want to convey, or convey to get what they want.



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