Thanksgiving had Tea cooking, slaving in the kitchen over pies, dressing (stuffing), and mashed potatoes. The milk on her pie is soy (tofu) milk. That gurl has energy, energy to stand by what she believes in, from sugar, to margarine, everything has to be produced ethically right. I am not oriented in any other way, just because I had occassion to see some of the primitive processes, and I can easily say that no cruelty is done, but then again I probably had more tolerance than others.  Tolerance not indifference mind you.  Anyway, it was a very pleasant dinner, a mixed group, indeed.

Conversation went from childhood to religion.  How it is difficult for some who were educated in the pre-Vatican II were made to memorize the Baltimore Cathechism. The teachings which had a clear definition of things, how an infraction can send someone careening to hell and with the new teachings those who were caught in between had nowhere to go. 

He was being funny, he said it is difficult to believe, but his kids are studying in a Catholic School, it is kinda like the idea that being a Catholic is like ball in chain, yet he still believes.

Some of us played scrabble, Tea’s friend, jokingly said, for a Catholic you cleaned out pretty good.  To that we had a good laugh, true we can be labeled as such, we like being so..

Hey I was able to nudge a friend that her ploy of disappearing so that we will miss her, actually worked.

But I am digressing, I would like to share the things that I am thankful about:

  • family (given)
  • friends-great ones, am discovering and seeing a different side every time…
  • dysfunction, then I am able to see what is and what isn’t
  • relationships, good, failed, and the wishful
  • recognition that there is a God, and the sensitivity to recognize
  • to black Fridays and grey Thursdays (althought we didn’t really participate) I got a cheap slow cooker
  • the growing consciousness of the need to care for the environment (I actually pledged not to buy bottled water)
  • compassion not pity or worst patronizing
  • the thinking people around me, they make my world colorful
  • the ability to be still and savor the joys of life
  • happiness

Thanks everyone for making this happen..

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