Tiring weekends, leftovers, and spicy Indian food..

Yes, most of my weekend was spent cleaning and doing laundry. Adult tasks that I don’t really care for. I almost wish for a previous life where I can use my weekends more productively.  Today, I woke up late, missed BYOW, good thing I went to mass yesterday, there was laundry, clearing of leftovers, and cleaning. Now my place is clean almost spotless, laundry is not yet finished, but that can wait.

Anyway, I promised myself that I will be better organized.

I said this 2 weekends ago, it is just too much, taking time out of play time and the numerous projects that I have set.

So why am I blabbering, uhmm nothing, just being nonsensical, sort of  justifying my long absence, I know, I know, you are waiting with bated breath ha ha.. such confidence.

Discovered an Indian restaurant that delivers, woohoo, that is a change but their food is spicier than most, that means I will have to chase a intake with water, not healthy at all.

On top of all the housework that I needed to do, I discovered space that I can use above the cupboard, covered by a singly plywood for aesthetic reasons. So 1 morning I decided to remove the covering and found a place for seldom used pots and pans. Double bonus, I discovered that little space between the refrigerator and the cupboard can hold the baking pans.  I can now officially declare that I am efficient packrat..



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