>Post hump day…

>This week has been busy, almost gruelling, it would have been easier if it was just work, but then there are personalities that act like the world owes them.  Don’t you hate that, a total vexation of my spirit.

At last night’s Bible study though, we read a verse about not talking about others, lest you be judged by God.  One of the members was right about an interpretation, about who is the greatest, although John the Baptist is great. I blew that one, posing an idea that is so off, it is funny that someone said, “get off the phone and get on the throne”. I made the realization when I was home and alone.

I am waiting for my ride, hence this post. Good use of idle time, my batting average here on wordpress is way too low this month.

Well, let me tell about about a couple who is dear to me, they are planning their wedding, in the huff of their prepration, they got sidetracked of what is important. Attitude unchecked came out riding high.  They are back on track and I am happy about that.  We are rallying for you guys with Lordy :).

Hope today is better, but I have a deliverable tomorrow, which is going to cut on my play time. Oh well…To be a slave of the moolah…


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