Color me not!

I am brown and proud of it, who wouldn’t ha ha, I have a permanent tan, that’s all. But I don’t think on that basis, nor is my judgment influenced by my color. Well, maybe in the choice of food, he he.

Nope, I am not trying to stir an ugly discussion here.  I am noticing that no matter how much we say it is politically incorrect to refer to someone based on color it is still present in our cultures it is just called by another name.

I was talking to a friend, of a different ethnic background,  one day, the conversation lead to how much comment we get on the language and culture.  Sometimes the comments are so ignorant that it is hilarious, some have no clue whatsoever about how the otherside lives.  Then we talked about our dating preferences, we both like “boring white men”, pardon the expression, it is really not derogatory. We came up with all the reasons, my main thing is primarily, I can’t be attracted to someone of my color, it is like being with my brothers, therefore incestous, hello!!

I had to pull back from it all, it seems that the very thing that we abhor being defined by our color and respective cultures is the same thing that is taunting us. I vehemently defended my preferences to another friend one time, it is really not racial, worst is it the “Kingkong” mentality.  For some reason, the point that I was trying to achieve here is lost.  I would appreciate your comments.

I do have caucasian friends who are attracted to olive skin tones, I guess they subscribe to my reasoning? Or is there a need for one?

This post is supposed to be a lamentation on perceptions, categories, preconceptions.  I guess I will have to update more when my premise is more established. Here’s to first drafts.

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