At lunch yesterday, conversation led to whatelse but men.  My friend has this theory, now is your chance to refute this, creatures of the opposite sex, that given the chance men will go asunder, they will cheat no matter what. A pretty disenchanted position, don’t you think. She went on and justified this theory that values, education, faith, good qualities that makes a person desirable, without the risk of being caught men will cheat.

I was teasing her about a comment she made about her ex that he would drive her against the wall with what I thought are minutiaes, like driving (no pun intended) money matters, economics, education, etc.

There, I was nonplussed, the theory makes sense, for I have seen men who are close to me who would have or have cheated, the call of the loins. A sweeping statement nonetheless, there should be more faith in mankind and a belief that that surely our society is better than that.


One thought on “Men..

  1. You are so funny Marilene – You don’t post for a long time and then BAM a bunch of posts on the same day.

    Here’s my 2 cents – I have had many boyfriends cheat on me. It is the men you choose, not men. period.


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