Post Christmas

The celebration of His birth, food, food, and more food, Phantom of the Opera, the Drowsy Chaperone, tears, joy, reminiscing, friends, family, gifts, cards, movies, restaurants, laughter, kitchen, prayers, wishes, and more..

Christmas came and went in a blur, not because I didn’t celebrate, it was an overwhelming workweek and then it was time to leave. It was joyful, I heard from friends of old, whom I wouldn’t have heard from if it were not for the occasion. Nope, not complaining, that’s life, it is mutual, a silent acquiescence to the demands of the day. There are times  when the connection has passed and we want to reminisce the joys of days gone. To get a glimpse and perhaps still grab some of it.  Later on, it became just quiet sighs on the other end of the line, sometimes a quick card without any note, just a signature, when luck strikes, otherwise it will just be a pre-printed name with pictures.

The pleasure, is the bonus of the present, when we are savor the “now”, when it is okay to be silent, feel each other’s presence, when one can be on each other’s face and not get tired of it. The surprise of the enumarable joy that each other brings, filling the void, the hollow of days gone yonder. Makes me want to wish that it is Christmas everyday.

The flipside, of course there is one, there is always going to be one, is the cloud of misery of another life, another being, where only prayer can seem to absolve the pain, the pain that sears through ones gut. Revelations, so painful that to wish for tomorrow is just the right way to do. Then, you shrug it off, dust yourself, and move on.  Ah, tears are shed, but then someone, someone stands up and take charge and says, it’s okay, it will all go away.

Oh, where is all that coming from, can I just be in my kitchen, cook and be with friends and talk about nonsensical stuff…

Ha ha, merry christmas everyone, I didn’t send out any Christmas cards, this year. Last year my reasons were of being green and thought I would just send out a general email. This year, I have no excuse, I thought I will be able to do so on the plane, but it hasn’t even taken off and I was already in dreamland. That’s why, you didn’t hear from me, I will be better next year, promise.


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