Just listen..

I was told that sometimes I rub people the wrong way, instead of making sympathetic noises I respond with a solution, ruining the moment. The moment of venting, of self abrogation, of sandbagging onself. I got a barage of frustrated, dismal repartee, whoa totally  unexpected.

Maybe, I don’t want you to respond.

Maybe, I want you to just listen.

To let you know, I am hurting.

I was silenced, didn’t know how to respond, all I wish is for her to be happy, not to carry that load.  It is unto Lordy, now. Sent through a silent prayer.

I got that, so when I met a good friend from college, yesterday.  Translation we were friends when we were barely in our 20s.  Now, we try to see each other once a year, during our birthday in October, we go to Chinatown, eat and shop. Such simple joys, the best time indeed.  So since we didn’t meet last year, she had surgery. We met yesterday, updates.  It’s funny that when we reach this age, we talk about hypertension, weight, arthirities, and all the bodily ills, before we delve on life, etc. 

I remember the old days, when we would have a ge togethers at my place, we talk a lot of nonsensical things but never did our faith figure out in the conversation. We go to church and pray in our own private way, but nothing is shared.  Now, we readily agreed that it was His grace that left her daughter unharmed after her car was totaled in the freeway, a hit and run by a drunk driver. How she is approaching her 25th wedding anniversary. It was a happy meeting, too bad she had to go to her appointment and I have to go back to work.


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