Taxi drivers are men too!!

In previous posts I spoke of conversations with cabbies, some more interesting than others.  This time I am noticing something, it is rare that there are caucasian drivers especially in the morning.  He had to stress the fact that he is and he has a brown passenger when he was out of his cab on the pretext of inspecting it.  Then he accosted my consciousness with high falluting words that does not even make sense.  Hah, doesn’t he know that it is a downer especially if someone is planning her day.  Oh well, he maligned the other drivers saying that they are not up to par that they don’t bring integrity to the profession.  At the back of my mind, I said “honey, I don’t really care for all that BS, I need a ride, when I need it he he..

The other morning, the driver was an African guy who decided that he didn’t like the fact that the Catholic Diocese is building a multi-million Cathedral, despite the homelessness and other economic issues that need to be addressed.  So, I said but there are hungers that need to be fed too, like the hunger of the soul. I asked him if he is a Christian, he replied that it depends on what a Christian is. I didn’t know that there are different kinds of Christians he he.. I asked if he believes in God, Oh that I do, he proceeded. To silence him I said, it is the practice that makes the difference, how some likes to be God, when they should act like God in their love and kindness.

That did the trick.. I don’t really undestand these offerings, the pretense of intellect, that what they are saying matters, frankly I couldn’t care less. It is what they are conveying that does, what is hidden in those words and the inflections that come with it.

So the other day I got the same cauc guy, he went the opposite way that I am used to, he said there are other factors that the lake is not an exact circle, therefore it has a differing circumference, that the traffic, etc.  I was quiet ( that is grace, mind you) I let him bury himself.  Then he said would you like me to drop you off the other side of the building, you will have to walk a few, no, I don’t want to walk.  So of course it took me longer, later than I already am.  Oh well.. I rest my case..

 What a return salvo huh! that I will talk about cab drivers, etc. Well, this has been a busy month for me, I didn’t have the time to figure things out before I started the year, so it is as unorganize as it can be. I know it is an oxymoron, organization and I, it was just an idea he he..

I will be posting more..


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