mommie.jpgmommie.jpgmommie.jpgIt is my mom’s birthday today, of course, she texted me the other day asking about things. But that is a ploy to remind me that it is her birthday.  Then I reminded the clan to make sure that they don’t forget.  Hah! No, it’s not that we are that weird, heck I text my friends and family that it is okay to call me on my birthday. Without being very dramatic about it, my mom is an inspiration for me she is the best..

 It is also my cousin’s birthday, she is my first best friend, we were so obsessed at going to church that she came to our place before 5:00 am and her dad grounded us both from going to church ha ha.. She just mentioned that when she was in grade 3 and she had chickenpox my dad sent her away, because she is contagious.  Only my dad can do that..Her dad shared his love for books. Not just books, but art philosophy, classics, at such an early age. But she sent me a message that says

Hello, okay this might be civilized for you not to ignore..

That was her way of nudging me that it is her birthday..


One thought on “Birthdays..

  1. Hellow….I was about to mention that to you in our earlier ym…the church thing, I mean…aside from the kuko and baby p—-, ha ha… I remember that time of the morning, I was in my pink and white eyelet dress matched with white sneakers, and the early morning dew is so fresh I enjoyed the trek from our house to yours…wow….i loved that feeling of getting my legs wet from the tall grasses lining the way, with the dawn still far from showing up. Then I heard that familiar whistle and I made a runabout to avoid being caught, which was nil, anyway…we were grounded for a week….


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