>I attended a birthday party of a friend last Friday met some of her husband’s friends, listened, and observed. Heard:

Curry is originally from England

Jesus has brothers and sisters

I didn’t blow their bubble, just agreed it was just a party conversation anyway.  Didn’t want to break their momentum, now it fit was a real conversation where I am really paying attention and interested in the subject matter, I would have reacted and refuted their facts. But I figured, what’s the point.  Anyway, T observed that people can be self absorbed sometimes as they can ignore people just because they don’t look interesting.  I opined, could it be generational, that some would like to be validated of their existence.  Oh well..

There is this blog that I am following and he said something like “you love God’s laws not God”, there is some truth to that we sometimes get hung up with what we shouldn’t do or more so what others are violating. As I grow in my faith, I realize that if we are prayerful, then goodness comes naturally. Afterall, how can we pray and then be judgmental about others.

This is brought about by another conversation, I am being caught in the middle of a family imbroglio, money matters of course, friends who has money realizing that their funds are dwindling. That it will not last them a lifetime, it is difficult for me to relate because I work for my existence and my family that I help, not too much but enough to get the extras.

I helped a friend breakdown her “wall” she called it “discipleship”, I don’t know what it means, all I wanted was to enjoy her company. For her to enjoy life and get rid of that miserable burden that she is carrying. In the end, I asked her how she prays, ha ha.. my answer to all ills, she accepted that her feelings and reasonings are flawed. But this is after we looked at her theories and the facts in a logical manner.  If you are saying you are this, why is it that? If that’s the case, why is it that this person has and still she isn’t? Life is just so complex.

T observed that people just look at me with such familiarity that they can talk to me about anything. She said that with me there is almost no boundary, proof is I was asked if she is my daughter by a cashier in the supermarket.  Note that she is caucasian and I am as brown as brown can be. That one is funny..

Oh well, life is still great..


One thought on “>Conversations..

  1. >On that I can always say … our rationale goes with our idea of contentment…we rationalize our need for something that can satiate our wanting…and yet, when things didn't meet our idea of what they ought to be…then we lose our capacity to rationalize…we always feel that when things didn't happen the way we wanted them to be… we look at it negatively. Truly, our rationale changes as we begin to accept things as they are…by then we feel content.


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