>Friday, finally..

>Yes, finally, it was a hectic week but I didn’t seem to accomplish anything.  Pssst.. I succumbed to the convenience of wash and fold, although, she folded it differently and didn’t use the products I gave her, now you can smell my clothes with detergent a mile away, and I’m not scratching yet.  Laundry has always been an issue with me, I never get caught up. So, I did, sorry it is a big deal for me, I never said I am profound ha ha..

Then, in those days that I was quiet, I contemplated, as I always do. Took stock of myself, like my motivation for this exercise.  I am sure it is not some kind of a megalomaniacal stirrings. Otherwise, I will be walking with head support ha ha.

Hey, I was going to talk about my week, yeah this week, it turned topsy turvy for a while there, the Regional Manager (he is new) came had a meeting with us. Before that, I met with him and a reporting dotted line functional manager. His opening salvo  was that we are going to have a fresh start, hmmm what is this all about, are we going to get re-baptized here.  It turned out that our former manager was fired from her functional role, she is a sad person and have slighted almost all of us.  He said something about work sharing, water came, I tell you. I just hate justifiying myself, I am a misnomer, as I am not aligned directly with any technology nor any tech practice, I like it that way, I have some administrative tasks but I have to be billable 72% of my time.  Nuff, it is boring me already.

 Do you notice, how sometimes we let people in our lives slip away and some we just refuse to let go. It is not that we don’t have that emotional maturity, it is because we are comfortable with them.  Remember in previous posts, I talked about conversations, how we shouldn’t persist. I think some of us get into this misplaced notion that conversation is measured by the amount of words we spewed out, what we have contributed to the topic. I think sometimes it is not that, sometimes listening is what conversation is all about..


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