>My faith theory..

>Sorry about the first post, somewhere between publish and save I lost my entry.  No I didn’t intend you to meditate on it and find the answer ha ha.. I was just thinking, sometimes we mystify our faith, such that we lose the reali meaning or appreciation of it in our lives. We have this tendency of dwelling of what we should and shouldn’t do, how we manifest or exercise this practice, and wonder why we can’t seem to fill that longing.

I think that with so much of that separation or compartmentalization, we fail to integrate it in our daily lives and therefore lose it in the process.  Am I making any sense? I feel that if we pray, as praying should be done (is there a different way:) it will encourage goodness in us, therefore will allow us to accept God’s grace and therefore bask in His Glory. Surely we can’t be prayerful and still be critical of others, or pray and attend mass and lose that compassion to someone, who is not as complete as we are.

You may have read about a post about a friend’s claim that God may have made an engineering mistake with how men and women are constructed and I responded that it is the society’s fault and not God’s, how we define things. Our inabilities now are a result of what we eat, the environmental damage, and all those things that we traded in favor of profit or consumerism. I remember recounting to someone how I grew up with all natural products, we reuse, but we deal with the insects with DDT and we were taking sulfa meds and paregoric, numotizine, etc. all taken off the market because it is not safe for human consumption.

God provided we just messed it up.  What do you thunk?


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