Native inhabitants…

I had lunch today with the boys at work, conversation of course led to sports, barry bonds, the steroid trials, etc. I feigned interest. I don’t understand any of that, but I understood the theory that fans liked it when the players are performing better than normal. That creates more ticket purchase, higher arena seat demand. There that is economics, but it all boil down to greed. I was glad when the conversation moved to a plan to spray an insecticide all over California because of moths discovered in certain areas that will cause damage to vegetation. The insecticide is said not to have been approved by EPA.

Oh well, we seem to have solution to everything, removal. I seem to remember inherent characteristics in organisms, animals, even humans, that of adaptability. Balance will not be achieved if there is that assistance, to enhance, when it is too much we remove. Hah, life.

As I am writing this, I was reminded the things that I was going to write about in the first place. Trust, without trust life can be a very lonely existence. If we have not found trust in God, then trust is not achievable with others.  I say this because there are people I know who are unable to trust, always wondering if they are going to be taken advantaged of. Older people in this case, would tend to enlose themselves in a tighter cocoon, not knowing where to face. Then comes the loneliness. On the other side of the equation there are those who may not trust fully, but are willing to buy people off so that it will not be too lonely. It is a sad, sad world.

Then there is the issue of boundary, how far are we allowing ourselves to get embroiled in somebody elses problems. I don’t have qualms about doing that, it is part of my culture, your problem is mine, not necessarily mine is yours. I remember studying about our the Filipino culture, how we are hospitable to a fault. There is this thing called Bayanihan, where everybody teams up to finish a project, everything gets done, in the process. Where am I going with this, I am recalling my little idioncyncracies that is distinctly pinoy or me.

Like I accidentally dropped dvds unto a mailbox, then i called the post office and asked them to drop it off the video place. Then I asked them to pick up a cake that I paid for from a bakeshop in the neighborhood, everybody’s happy, I didn’t even get charged for it.

Or when I asked a mongolian resto staff to look out the window to see the phone number of the El Salvadorian restaurant across the street.

I would bargain for a discount even if it is the classiest dept store or would spend time trying out thousand dollar shoes just for the feel of it, then go to Ross to buy the cheap one.

My boundaries, I guess are not in that regard, but more of respect, more of giving the person the breathing room to be themselves. I do let people slip away from me sometimes, I also don’t give in to surge of emotions, instincts. Always allowing for the what should. For instance, a friend wanted me to have her extra keys, I pretended ignorance, that should be mom’s. I didn’t want to ingratiate myself between them.

Yikes, does that sound like a hardsell, please don’t look at it that way.  You can tell I am trying to figure out somethings here.



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