The food that we eat, as Pinoy as we are..

In case you haven’t noticed, half of my blogroll is on food, cooking, picture, taste, and color. I am particularly taken with this one,, he explores the old pinoy cooking, the way before it was obscured by claims of gourmet origins. please feast on the pictures, it is tame, tame in the sense that I have not seen a fish head or anything like that.  We are a little adventurous with our cuisine, having been influenced by the Spaniards, Japanese, American, and the neighboring regions, like Malay, Chinese, etc. after all there was already a bartering of spices before they came and claim.

Anyway, food will tell you a little bit of our culture. We are also good with our words, we tend to conjugate our own, if we are not speaking in a formal manner. For example in my Filipino class we learned words like, smagol meaning flip flops, I guess they were smuggled in the country from where I don’t know, or syurpit, for surefit – the golf hat, more like a visor, I guess it is a perfect fit, here’s the funny one, chair is silya, from spanish but in official pinoy lingo it is salungpuwit, literally translated it is catch butt or a… however you put it.  Isn’t that rich, now you can stop wondering why my English does not sound like it should ha ha..

Magandang gabi po!


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