Valentine’s day..

Happy St. Valentine’s day! I received quite a number of well wishes on heart day, even my Mom played on.  Of course, I thought that they must be thinking that I am a lonely old soul.  ha ha.. just kidding. You know it doesn’t bother me, that I refer to myself as an old maid.  Where I am from at 25 and you don’t have any defined plans of getting married or joining the nunnery then you are a candidate spinsterhood and wonder your desirability level. I don’t buy into those things, but I didn’t realize in this society that there is a negative connotation to it, like a loser? bah!

I can’t  remember the story of St. Valentine, nor did I bother to check it out. A friend mentioned that it was a little less known saint until Halllmark created this marketing blitz that it is now the second most card giving holiday, the first being Christmas. But why do I recall prison, unrequited love and a piece of red cloth in the shape of a heart, death. Oh well, can someone enlighten me, please. 

When I was younger we try to stay away from those dating establishment before, during, and after the actual V-day. We have this theory that the befores are for girlfriends, paramours, the actual for mothers, fiances, and the after the queridas, etc. ha ha.. no, the celebration is so commercialized that we didn’t want to add to the heavy traffic that the event brings.


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