>Of friends and friendships..

>It is already 1:45 and I am still up. I slept most of the weekend, my numbers were off, lack of caffeine via diet coke, at least that’s the only reason I can think of. Hah!

Somebody in the mother ship at work lost a laptop with employee data on it, mine included.  So I had to register for fraud alert with the major credit monitoring agencies.  It sounds ominous reading about lost identity. Just a couple of month’s ago, a credit card used by someone to buy gas and telephone cards. Good that the card company noticed the unusual transactions.

Anyway, going back to the theme intended for this post. We have friends and we have friends, people that we love, we gravitate to because of some commonaility, making for a happy interactions. But what if these attributes does not exist or cease to exist, then we begin to find fault. What used to be cute 🙂 or spoken of fondly becomes an annoyance.  But giving in to such behavior will create an imbalance.  But wait, Lordy wants us to love others like we love love him and it is really when it is more of an effort that we are acting according to his wishes. Okay, I better get of the wagon before I get lost in this argument, but do you think that makes sense.

Hmmm, I lost my train of thought, so with that I am closing this post..


One thought on “>Of friends and friendships..

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