>—press, rootword…


Oppressnude-figure-in-a-cage-lzm051.jpg – burden spiritually and mentall

Suppress – to exclude from consciousness

Depress – cause to sink to our lower level; dejection

Repress – to exclude from consciousness

You probably thought of iron, bench press, or meat press. Press in the tone of human suffering is more the subject of this post. From oppression to depression, all these are limiting to one’s being, to one’s dignified existence.  I was once asked if iI think that oppression exists in a democratic society. I responded in the affirmative society, poverty, and beliefs, to name a few, can be oppressive.

The reason for this post, some of these press words, we encourage. Sometimes, peer pressure or just the way we put ourselves in a box creates that “press” presence. On another hand an oppression through power and money can an external application, where the spirit can remain intact, despite the attack. How? I believe the mind and emotions can deter those attacks with Lordy’s help, of course.




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