>Honor system..

>I had lunch was it last week at a Thai Restaurant, the owner came up to me and we chatted a little, I forgot to bring something to read. I was gingerly eating my pad thai, removing the cooked bean sprouts, thinking I had to stop at a drugstore to get real polish remover. I was in that state and after I ate,  I just walked away without paying. I realized my folly, when I was at the drugstore and I still have unchanged bills.

 Quack, hmmm so I called, apoligized and said I will just drop it off the following day. I didn’t end up going back, instead I just called and gave him a charge number.

My favorite chinese restaurant has my ATM number so that he can just the food that I order, when I am in a hurry to stop, such that he would just be outside his resto and hand me my order. This doesn’t work all the time, as once he gave my food to my hairdresser.

Am I in some province or what? I have de-urbanize Oakland. Yeah, I feel that Oakland is smalltown USA, to which I friend outrightly corrected me, it is a big city alright.

Oh well.. There is really nothing new about my posts, but to be a better writer I have to regularly translate my thoughts in writing.  I did say I am going to be a writer when I grow up..

Magandang gabi po!


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