The responsibilities of my existence part 2

I jokingly made an irresponsible remark about a friend  asking what he is praying for, he goes to two Bible Studies a week, Way of the Cross on Thursdays, just prays a lot. Another friend came back with “you may as well leave him alone, you are not too bad yourself”. I was silenced, alright.

I recently have occasion to review my associations and the responsibilities that come with it.  It seems that I was unknowingly placed on a pedestal, truly an uncomfortable situation.  I know I am loyal to a fault, there are secrets that I will probably take to my grave. I have relayed news of illness to family members, not mine. Announced a friend’s civil wedding to avoid questions about a non-church vows. Of cancer affliction to a group of friends, just because a friend does not want the awkwardness of relaying the information. Where I draw the line is telling a friend’s daughter that the father that she know is not really her biological dad. A friend’s mom wanted me to point a few home truths about her daughter, my friend, that life involves work and responsibilities. TThat doesn’t seem to be enough, it seems that my behavior is still not up to par.  I should run a newsletter huh! It is either I am nosey or a pushover.

I was feeling funky the past week that went on to the following week, nothing great, I felt that my being has been assulted by so many negative waves around me. I allowed myself to be affected by things said, it was during last Wednesday’s Bible Study that we reading something about “being given the lips so that I will not rebel”, that I was shaken out of my doldrum. 

I will never condemn, but I do react if I don’t agree.  Why else was I given the ability to think to rationalize if I will just bow and kowtow to someone for fear of offending.

Their choice are theirs, the only thing I can do is opine and pray, that it is the right one that they made.

If only we will stop romanticizing things, then life will be simpler.

Anyway, this is just an attempt of figuring out not justifying. I do realize that there are responsibilities to our existence. We can’t just go prancing around, trudging on life without affecting the lives of people that we touch. Now, I am careful about what I say, wait that doesn’t seem to rhyme.

I would always harp about my culture, how we react differently to certain stimulis or is it stimulus. Generation it seems, is also part of the equation, the baby boomers are different from the yuppie (almost forgotten ones), the x, the y, and now we have the milleneal. Therefore, an open mind should be present at all times.

Part 1 of this post sort of made sense to this post, while we can’t please everyone, there are just friendships that is right at the moment when we need it.  I have a friend that we just mutually realize that we can talk and dissect our emotions, not just a one way download. Six degrees is it?


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