What you eat..

I had lunch with the boys at work in the Oakland Seafood Market, it was somebody’s birthday, we had to have noodles.  Although, they don’t have that belief in their culture, we figured he might as well.  Noodles for long life eh!

So, I was reading the menu, frogs, snails, intestines, etc. one mentioned that he used to like it when he was younger, but he is starting to think about what he eats. I joked that he is getting to be too westernized, what’s wrong with those. He said, yeah there can’t be anything wrong with that God made and gave us those to enjoy.

Speaking of food, while waiting for at the doctor’s office, I was reading my prayer book, there is a section on How to be a better Catholic, and it is talking about fasting at least once a week, and something about abstaining from certain foods.  I remember when I was younger, I kept saying it is not really the food that the abstinence from mean refers to but the call of the flesh.  My argument didn’t go very far.

This is not an attempt to diminish the practice, I recognize the need for self denial to establish a deeper appreciation of our faith, a full stomach,  a threat to our carotid glands will certainly distract us from our efforts to be closer to God.

 At dinner last night, I agreed that sometimes we tend to over think our faith. It shouldn’t be, feel it, practice it, and enjoy.

Oh, well..  


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