Random thoughts on Maundy Thursday..

 Took the day off today, figured I should get an early start hear Mass, clean, and meditate.  My mother’s voice ringing in my ears from days of the past. You should fast, be quiet, God is suffering today.  This is when my best friend would spend the Holy Week with us, we were learning to smoke and looking at the mirror doing the frenchie smoke and making round shapes of smokes that we exhale.  What were we thinking?

Anyway, WordPress news :0, Patrick whoever he is would like to buy jeepney in the Philippines,

There is a guy in Perth who will auction off his life, house, car, job, friends, etc. he is so distraught being separated from his wife of 5 years and 8 years of engagement. That’s one way of dealing with life.

The author of the book “Tell me where it hurts”, had a dog patient who is almost hermaphrodite which is a result of cancer creating a hormone that enhances the female reproductive system.

There is someone in Texas trying to create a 7-list of food on Thursday.

My arm hurts like it’s draining the living daylights out of me. That’s what I get for cradling the pain, instead of moving it around.

So many things going around each second, I can almost hear it buzzing, lives webbing their own, different from mine. I don’t think I would like to live someone else’s. I can gape, appreciate, and imagine their tales of joy, live it vicariously. But not actually live it. I love my life, it is mine.

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