>Anent to a friendship post

>On my responsibilities of my being post, I quoted a chain email about friendships, the kind that fills a hole in our beings. Someone to cry with, to reason with, to celebrate, and a host of other reasons that make our lives complete.  I have a friend whom I would meet for dinner to sort out our feelings and talk about things, sometimes so deep that it almost touches our gut.  We analyze and make sense of how we feel. Then we come out laughing not necessarily able to resolve what torments us but find a rationale for it.

During the passover dinner, one guest, a Jesuit brother, commented about my seeming silence. Little did he know that I am a blabbler mouth, but with him and the Nobles, I felt I should be in my best behavior, I do try :).  Conversation led to the Myers – Briggs personality types. I can’t remember mine, but posing some scenarios, they readily concluded that I am an introvert and some other letters that I will never remember. It’s funny that when I am with friends and there is not much conversation flowing, I would always think that we are feeling each other’s presence. No conversation is necessary, we are comforted by that silence, not an awkward silence, where one does not know what to say.  Hah, it is just our personalities exhibiting itself, nothing profound.

But today or was it last night, I saw someone online, I hit him, begrudgingly asking if he got my text message greeting him happy birthday and why he hasn’t responded. He was a blast from the past really, he was my love from days of old. He responded, he is good considering he just got out of brain surgery. I said, “you’re kidding, right?” and continued to ask him what he did for his birthday. It was devastating to know that indeed he just had a brain surgery, from an undetected brain tumor. His officemate having informed his brother that he has been having headache episodes at work. He sounded like his old self, not even worried about it, he just had to make the best of his odds he said. The odd being he has a year or so live. So sad, I didn’t know what to say… He is a faithful Catholic, I know he draws his strength from Lordy, but… I am still sad.. say a prayer for him, please..


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