SanMig in TJs

Woohoo.. Sbeer_sanmigpalepilsengoldbeer.jpgan Miguel beer is sold at Trader Joe’s.  Not that I care for beer, but this is a product of the Philippines and has the greatest market share in the Philippines and perhaps greater part of Asia. 

Yeah, I never acquired the taste for beer, it is bitter, can’t understand the refreshing taste that some folks associate this drink with. I remember hanging out in my younger days in the Philippines and the gang would go for the happy hour where the price of beer would be discounted to so much such that they would buy it to about 3 or so per person and I would stick to margarita. That is one glass to their 3 :).

I had my first sip at  a young age, my dad’s style in better days, is let us figure out if we like it, now, what child would like the taste of beer? Even our dog didn’t.

Seriously though, try it, they say it it’s good. There was a beer bar in the Philippines that sells all kinds of beers from all over the world and I still went for Coke.  Boring…


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