In reverence…

There will always be people whom we revere and relegate not necessarily in a pedestal maybe on  a higher plain.  The religious leaders for one, I can’t remember the legal parlance, nor the reason for it. But I suspect  that having taken that vocation of ministering to our souls is certainly something noble.

In my efforts in deepening my faith, I have met quite a few nuns, priests, ministers, and the like and I must say that I have not outgrown that manner with which we defer to them.  I do have a shoolmate in high school who is now a priest in Denmark whom I have communicated with, a brilliant lawyer when I used to work for a bank in the Philippines who decided to give up everything and joined the monastery. There was a diocesan priest when I was a child who was so fond of me that I would receive religious icons as presents to the envy of my classmates.


At a conference that I recently attended, one of the speakers is Fr. Stan, in the picture, he is rare in his desire to reach out. He is one cool priest, the type that one can jam with and still minister to one’s soul.  One kewl priest indeed.


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