There is a bug on your ear…

Do you notice how a lot of people now are sporting these blue tooth (wireless) earsets. It used to be cute, I even had one myself, when it was first introduct in the market. It seems that it is taking over the person’s being. 

So if you’re in a conversation with someone who has these thangs, the likelihood of an interruption is great because that telephone needs to be answered as if it is the end of the world.

Remember about 5 years ago when the head set was just new, people looked crazy, they appear that they are talking to themselves.  There is a point here, we are getting so consumed with our telephoning habits that we might forget that we are putting ourselves and others at risk. 

The company that I work for has this policy about talking on the phone while driving, increased incidences of accidents necessitating companies to be involved. Please it can’t be that important that you have to multitask while driving.  Think about your family and the family of the ones that you are putting at risk.

Yun lang..


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