I am at it again..

Changing the design of this blog.. I tell you, the color of the current onedoes not seem to agree with me, it was on this design that I was able to express myself better.  I am a proponent of the idea that to be able to produce, the environment must be conducive for it.. So there..

Speaking of expressing myself, for a while I battled with the question as to WON I was writing to express or to impress.  Althogh, there is nothing impressive about this work, I had to step back and examine the true motivation for this effort.  A tool for expression, was the answer that I was able to glean.

I was nudged by my cousin about the irregularity of my posting, I just don’t feel the urge, there is not much to tell, nor was the occurence present.  At this time it is back, I have rearranged my apartment, so I am inspired.. Wow, how profound. Spoken like a true writier.

Susan Lamott, of the bird after bird fame was at our church for a book signing to benefit the SJs.  She was the one who said that writing everyday was an advice that she received and the same one that she is giving.

I will try to get back on the wagon with a speed that even you will notice.


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