Recounting the days..

The days moved so fast that I can’t even remember where it went. I recall getting reaquainted with the Adobe Suite, trying to create kewl projects and more recently, P3, that complicated scheduling software.

My kitchen had some activity, inspired by the numerous food blogs that I have been visiting, I was able to make a small jar of preserved lemons, kiwi preserves, kiwi salad dressing.  Will try to make cookies for a meeting on Tuesday.

“xx is going to be the maid of honor, unless you want to be”, an indirect invitation from a friend.  I replied, she knew you first, let her have that honor.  I know, I will always be special.  Indeed it is, to be a part of someone’s life is an honor, something that is cherished. Realizing that as we grow with more wisdom, we are able to discover and understand the roles that people play in our lives.  The closer we are to someone the more complicated it is.. Complicated in the sense that our umbillical cords may be connected, without respect it will be meaningless.

Anyway, as the title says, recounting the days, that is I wasn’t remmebering but re-calculating the days, the future, as I see the lives of others, I get excited at what I see. The future the almost leg buckling promise of what it will bring. Sometimes we don’t even notice, we go full charge without even hesitating, the anticipation, heart pounding so hard I can almost hear it.  But wait it is theirs, not mine, the eagerness, the beckoning seemed so real, as I was watching in the sideways.  That’s it, I was only watching, therefore I can cheer, make a few adjusting recommendation.  I was not part of the play, that’s why I can move as freely as I want to..

The arrival may not be as grand as originally envisioned, it may come unnoticed, just because there was noone to enjoy, to savor the joy of success, but rather, a new game with a new set of players is on stage, replacing the ones that just occured.





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