The reason for that is..

That sounded so serious huh!, my previous post, I mean  No, it is nothing profound, it was because it took me forever to create something out of a recipe.  Funny.. i know, i know, but I have been reading marketman and his posts on the pinoy cuisine, he talks about food, with side comments about culture and the pinoy ways.   Then there is Cafe Fernando in Turkey and a host of others that can divert me from the task at hand.  But there was a bake sale this morning for the church choir, so I had to participate.

That didn’t come without some self examination. I had to look at myself (silly noh) to discover why it is so hard for me to create anything that is baked.  Once I was able to get over that hurdle, and figure out my fears he he, I was able to make a poppy seed lemon cake and  banana cookies not sure how it fared.  The exercise liberated me and I am now raring to make a red velvet cake.  My friend made butterfinger cookies, so good, it’s amazing what you can do with a stick of butter, ha ha..

When I was undergoing PT for my tennis elbow, I had it conveniently scheduled around lunchtime, so that I can stop in Chinatown for good grubs. One time I went and just got some dimsum from the cart and was so suprised at the bill of what would normally be a less than 10.00 lunch.  Well, it turned out that the roast pork was actually a suckling pig.  I was not able to savor my food, I had an an attack of conscience like why am I eating a suckling pig, when it could have grown to it’s full potential and fed more people.

Anyway, my forays with cooking has led me to less wastage, I made cherry compote, kiwi salad dressing, and lemon preserves.  Oh, just because marketman of had this  a series on lechon making, I made my own version using the ronco rotiserie, it was pretty good, but of course I had to eat it in small doses lest my cholesterol give in to the surge. I also made paksiw na ulo ng salmon, to the non pinoys this is salmon head cooked in kamyas a sour fruit from the tropics.

Life is good… 🙂


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