>Bit the Bullet, Spill the Milk, and other Cliches

>I was going to say, no need for an explanation about my erratic blogging, but that will constitute a cliche, for why say it if it is not necessary, hah! The languange of the Queen has indeed envolved. Cliche is the subject matter of this afternoon’s class. Something that is not really alien to me, since my native languange is expressed in idioms, most of the time. Examples are, “when the crow turns white” or “when the frog has hair” that means whatever is being said is impossible or as a crow is black and will always be black and the frog will never have hair.

I have been cooking, cooking well at that.  I find that the kitchen is a good place for me to unwind and because I have been haning out with another Pinoy, I have been cooking Pinoy food.  Following  the marketman does not help my cuase :).  It is really good therapy for me, I can think and figure things out while slicing and sauteing.  I will venture into baking soon..

Anyway, it’s been a month since “my so called friend” divorced me. She sent me an email saying she is severing her ties with me, even my being her godmother. I laughed so hard when I read it, it so ridiculous. Ricidulous because I pictured her, coming from the clouds in a godlike manner (not using the name of the Lord in vain here) Stop loving me! and the promise that I made to God that I will be with her to honor Him will be discontinued, sort of disavowing the covenant that was presented in the altar, the very place where we worship.

Afterwhich, my human being allowed anger to seep in. I figured any relationshp is a two-way street, there should be reciprocity. As the days go by, wisdom has taken over, I realized that this person may not even know what love is, cliche-ic as it may sound.  I drew this conclusion when she said, “you have not done naything for me”. I was floored, I didn’t know that there is a scorecard somewhere. There are things that I live by, I don’t give to repay, I don’t dish out empty compliments, or I don’t show false affection.  Now, if they can’t see how important they are to me, then I rest my case. Nothing that I do will make it evident, for what’s the point of shouting to the world, actions speak louder that words.  My affection should be felt no declarations, necessary.

I am constantly praying for her that she will find emotional maturity, that she is able to know that there are people who loves her unconditionally.  Hoping that she will learn how to do the same. 

There, I have populated this blog with so much cliche, I should get a passing mark 🙂


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