>Recipe: Champorado or chocolate porridge

>I grew up with champorado, either for breafast or an afternoon snack, it always hit the spot. Yeah, we eat five times a day; this is usually paired with dried or fried fish, a sweet and savory combination.  I tried to recapture those childhood meals today at an RCIA team meeting that I hosted at my place.  The result, a huge pot of champorado with a lot more after some water dilution to maintain consistency.  Well, my Caucasion team mates are a l little coy about huge Saturday breakfast that they opted for fruit or something more recognizable. Here’s the recipe:

     3 cups of sweet (glutinous) rice    
     8 cups of water
     1 cup of sugar
     2 cups of organic cocoa (Trader Joe’s)

Rinse the rice once, (it is not recommended, but to be on the safe side) put on a big pot with the water. Cook rice until transparent, stirring occasionally.  When the rice is cooked, put the cocoa and sugar.  Bring to a boil, dilute with water to maintain consistency.

Presto! champorado is done! Best consumed hot with milk and paired with something savory.

Great comfort food. Now, I have a big bowl in the fridge.  Come over and have some.


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