Pho and those Vietnamese Delights..I am Past the Blogging Impasse

Whoa, I think I am past the blogging impasse, the writing occurrence is back.  I tell you it is not a pretense when the writers are saying they are having a block. Even my electronic mumblings drew a blank, I credit my editing class for that; because of the consciousness to dot the eyes and cross the tees I lost context and

became so aware of the form.  Not a good thing, as long as the ideya is there, one Pinoy colleague said.

Anyway,  I found this Pho restaurant, Pho King, through a friend and discovered a dish that is now a favorite, the Vietnamese Pancakes (Banh Xeo). So between slurps of pho soup and big bites of pancakes we talked about our faith, our concerns, and other issues that cloud our existence. This is where we have allayed our doubts and somehow gained confidence that we are going to be okay as long as we are with Him.  Girl downloads, seeking validation, approval, even a slight tap on the wrist saying it’s not kosher seems to be all appropriate as words are uttered with bowed heads, evading a reaction, and just pretending to focus on the flavors of the pho.

Now, I am a regular, I go there for the pancake, I have influenced my Pinoy friends to this version of our ukoy and mami. 

Pho King
638 International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94606

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