>You love her, she loves you; What’s the problem?

>Don’t really care about the place, my first outing was a disappointment.  The beef stew was not as flavorful as I wanted, there is nothing redeeming about the place and it was expensive too.  A friend wanted to go there to check it out, the girlfriend is into these kind of places.  Though, I must tell you that the neighborhood is in serious want for white linen tables, such that anything new is wowed and salivated on.  So when the text came, “anyone for lunch?” I said yes, imagining Pho.  Ditched a Pinoy lunch, was ditched for Japanese noodles, so I said okay. 

The service was slow, between lectures on friendships, I am not judging but, and I didn’t call because..  I managed to ask the wait staff, “What makes the sandwich Cuban?”. The response I got was, “It is a traditional food that their family have everytime the chef’s family have a get together in Cuba.” Okay, that didn’t answer my question, I rephrased the question and got an answer about maybe it was the roasting of the pork. Raised eyebrows about my impatience, I decided to enjoy my lunch and listen and react.

The sandwich was alright, a little pricey for a Friday lunch.  Cuban sandwich, it turned out was a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with pickles and roast pork in between. The bottom line of the afternoon, however was that friendship is not just going out to lunch, attending get togethers, we have to look also when we are enabling or when do we get off and remind them that there is always the alternative. I was reminded of the gospel last week, about calling the attention of a brother who has erred. But how do we know when we are reminding and not interloping. When are we not judging, if someone’s behavior runs counter with the norm, knowing full well that the norn is not necessarily the right one. Ahhh, that is why we have to be in constant prayer, for guidance, for peace, for light, for trespasses, for compassion.. 

The lunch hour proved to be an hour well spent.  Back to work, where I took the rest of the afternoon off, I need to run errands and do the housework that needs my attention.  Well.. if only I didn’t go to Antioch the day before for a “tulingan” lunch, the Tagalogs will understand such a call.. ha ha..

Franklin Square
2212 Broadway
(between Franklin St & Grand Ave)
Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 251-0100

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