It’s Okay to Love Them!

It must be confusing indeed being born to your parents who didn’t know what they want.  Without much guidance they tried to live the life that was right, but they were young and not really sure how to survive. They can only dream for a perfect life with as the center.  What they did not figure out was the possibility that because they are young, what they thought of as true love was a young love that cannot withstand the challenges of a grown up world.  Separation was the best solution, that allowed for your growth without the pain of bickering of lost love and therefore lost hope.

Now that your parents are with their adult loves and seemed happy with it, with children of their own, it must be confusing for you. Here you are, you were suppose to be the center of it all, now you are connected to two families. You probably feel left out, alone, and excluded from the equation.  But if you look at it from a different angle, you are lucky, you have your parents, step parents and two brothers, including even the relatives of your brothers, your step families. Wow, that is a big one, a whole lot who loves you. 

Did you feel it is disloyal to love your step relatives? Not at all, they are your family too and deserves your love.  No reason to withhold it from them, it is no one’s fault that your parents are not together anymore. Besides what’s the point of finding faults, just love them and savor the fact that you are surrounded by a lot of people who loves you..


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