Last Week..realities abound..

Sunday, I was awoken by a persistent ringing of the telephone, forgot to turn off the ringer. A lazy, sleepy response, muttered a hello, the response was a rushed, it’s my birthday and I am alone. Okay, where do you want to have brunch.  So we had a rushed celebration, she was able to share her pain, the heartaches, of course I was crying. Strong as she is, she can smile, laugh, joke about life.  Whew, what a day starter, Mass was great, I know, I cried, too much left fresh emotions..Illness in a friend’s family, the big C; and I thought I have prayed for all just causes, I found out something horrible.

Something that broke family relations, something that broke fibre of beings, a real test of faith. I just had to sit back and take everything into perspective. I can see His hand in all these, totally amazing, how situations are corrected, a brighter tomorrow comes, without any shroud of doubt.

All these nudged me into a realization that He is reminding me that the first commandment is there for a reason. That there shouldn’t be other gods before Him, not the shoes, not that new craze on food, even a better Church, just Him.


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