>Nebulous week.. let’s clear it up..


It is almost Sunday, the week is almost over, I just got back from the church kitchen preparing for a hospitality even tomorrow. As I look back, the following thoughts, heard or imagined permeated my consciousness.

Catholicism is multi-cultural
Life is dark and bleak
Value of life
God is above all this, we only need to reach out

At an RCIA class, somebody opined that Catholicism is multi-cultural.  I silently agreed, respective cultures are incorporated in the Liturgy.  She wasn’t able to support her premise though, when she talked about color, how it is regional in a sense.  I can feel the hair on the back of the neck of some members rising.  A defensive reaction, being colored myself, I tend to ignore that distinction.  What riles me are the pre-Vatican era believers who professes their fervent love for God and yet unable to show compassion for their neighbors.  Ah, more prayers, please.

Then there are those who just refuse to accept the Grace of forgiveness of being saved, continues to look at life as dark and bleak, that there is no hope.  That the burden is so heavy to last a lifetime. Constrant prayer makes us closer to God, resulting in faith, hope, and charity.  Ah..

Are we turning more to idolatry rather than to God.  Remember the first commandment? i come to realize that when we say idolatry, it is not just putting other god before God, like an image. it is me, wanting perfection, you believing that the opinion that matters is yours, or someone who does not have the patience while driving, someone who can’t accomodate a request lest it messes up the schedule. it is some of us older people, worrying about our dwindling retirement funds, there might not be enough when the time comes. It is all of these that makes life unpleasant. 

if i look at it deeper, it all boils down to our inability to let go and give it all up to God, we have done our part we let Him take care of it. Really life is so much fun, let’s not complicate it.

But hey, i had a wonderful Saturday, a friend gave me a pair of boots that i always forget in someone’s car. AFter Bible Study over dimsum, a friend gave me a ton of tilapia fillets, which we will serve at the hospitality event.  Anyway, the menu is:

egg salad served on wonton cups
chicken salad served on Belgian endives
tofu teasers (for T and Luci) served on celery stalks
fruit salad
iced tea
bagel bits
tomato, mozzaarella, and basil salad
and much more…

We enjoyed the process of cooking cutting up the ingredients, one person was in charge of the oven, one with the veggies, one was mixing up, etc.

Oh well, that was not a very smooth has been segue was it?


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