>The business of sucking up to..


This image has no relation to the text, but it is too colorful that it lends
light to the post.  (I never said I’m smart ha ha)

There is  a TV drama that I so enjoy, it is “Eli Stone”, the lead character, Eli was just a regular – driven attorney who will stop at nothing to win his case.  Note the “regular” term used, until he was diagnosed with aneurysm, then everything changed. He would have visions of the future, which changed his outlook in life.  Made him a total suck up to Lordy, a good – guy will all intentions of helping.

Well, we had our share of being a Lordy – kiss the you know what “no disrespect intended”.  We got carried away with the desire to please God that we were so intent in helping that we almost cross the line.  Sounds weird huh!. 

At what point should we help and not take over?
Does that involve giving up part of our lives too?
What is the motivation?
Does it make us compassionate or self-absorbed?

I’m telling you even in the most compassioned moment darkness can befall unto us.  This reminds me of an instance when I was disatisfied with the way things were going on at work that I hastily left, good thing it was time for mass, which gave me an opportunity for reconciliation.  I asked the priest, why despite my close relationship with Lordy, I am feeling that way.  He said in no uncertain terms that the reason is I have detached myself from God, from living like Him. He reminded me of the Franciscan teaching that the boxed images of our childhood, the expections of others, separates us from living like Him.  But that doesn’t mean that we have to be a pushover, we can still stand up for our rights and what we believe in just for the right reasons. Ovcourse cryola akitch!

Then I have friends who feel that they should remunerate others for their goodness, those who may have been negatively affected because they’re smart and therefore moved ahead.  Now, if I look at the premise upstairs this can be a case of sucking up too huh.. sipsip to Lordy as the Pinoys will call it.. ha ha kidding..

And Katie Couric said that, “inner peace is overrated.” Hah!


2 thoughts on “>The business of sucking up to..

  1. >great commentary here!! i recently am enamored with a book of saints stories around how they dealt with their own experiences of being human – specifically – how they handled anger or anguish, busyness or fears…here's what it says that seems relevant to this and our conversation -You don't have to remain silent when falsely accused, but you should remember that such experiences can be a share in the sufferings of Christ. St Francis de Sales advises "If you are falsely accused, excuse yourself meekly, denying your guilt, for so much you owe to the truth and the edification of your neighbor. But if, after your true and honest excuse, your accusers persist, give yourself no further trouble and do not persevere in your defense, for having paid tribute to truth, no pay tribute to humility."


  2. >Thank you, I wondered about that. How to exercise humility without being a pushover. Although, difficult to practice, St. Francis de Sales provided the answer, to say it only once, and leave it at that. For to persist and get hang up on it, can be distracting and would permit the persistence of self and therefore would give pride a chance to shine and in doing so will separate onese.f from God.


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