Blah.. blah…

I might have cancer…
His goal for 2009 is marriage, but…
I am dating xxx, 15 years my senior and a co-worker…
He is back with his..

Whoa, slow down,  that’s too much to take in.. that’s pretty much what I have heard these past days.. that and the uncertainty of tomorrow is causing to look and ask HIM, What His plans are? I am holding on waiting for the culmination of those plans.

These past Sundays I have been going to different churches seeking the answers.  It was an enjoyable experience seeing Lordy in  a different — yeah it was fun seeing Him — expressed differently, altogether spiritual and holy, what a joy.  I so love being a Catholic.

So, yesterday, a friend at Bible Study was saying, something about feeling guilty all the time, I was smiling but what I failed to tell her is that was Lordy reminding her, inspiring her to listen to what Him, what He wanted her to do.  I don’t think it was guilt, it was being more sensitive to Lordy’s presence..


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