Ice cream to chase the blues away..

I have a sweet tooth to my detriment, not too much cakes but ice cream,particulary this brand Haagen Dazs. After four years or so of coffee flavor I am upgrading to more fruitti ones.

I don’t often induldge but when I do ,it is serious a pint in one sitting. A friend once asked me if I drink from the jug, Isaid I don’t–backwash. What I do is eat ice cream from a pint, then justify that I can’t return it back to the freezer because I ate from it, a good justification to finish it all.

It’s funny how we get trapped by the rules, it is almost mechanical, without any logic to it.  Is it because it is ingrained in our brains from when our cognition is still forming.

How about how we practice our faith? No matter how we desire to be holy, to be good, somehow something evil creeps in. The way we interpret and implement things can cause pain to others.  Adherence to the teachings and scriptures if not borne out of love is therefore not the preferred action. Nope, that is hardly my posit at all. But it makes sense.

Mine is always, it is between you and God, if you are justified with your actions, then it is good enough for me.

Life is complicated huh! A bowl of ice cream will certainly do the trick. Have one on me he he he.

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