>I am such a  lounger, so coming back from Wednesday prayer night–a Lenten ceremony where parable of the blind man was reflected upon. While lounging, I was contemplating on how I can gently tell this friend of mine that he is not be morose and miserable when Lordy is doing everything to make our existence a joyful one. Can’t come up with an answer, so I moved on.

Anyway, I was chatting on skype with a friend who is migrating to Canada with her family.  We were reminiscing momemnts of darkness. Wondering where our friend psychic friend is now.  I cautioned her to leave room for frustration and to let Lordy surprise her as to what is in store for her there..

Buzzzz, yahoo messenger my friend’s sister rang.  Her sister wanted to talk to me, after making arrangements as to the whens, I did call immediately. The opening salvo was, “I have cancer and it is stage x,”  I was taken aback, not sure what to say.  Calling on to Lordy at the same time.  The only thing I can muster was, “but you are so young” and said, “Can I take that in, for a moment”. She heard my deep breaths and thought I was smoking.

“Did you talk to Lordy?”, I asked her. Of course, she did asking for more time.  We digressed and talk about high school life and googled our classmates. 

I don’t know what to make of it– talking to friends this afternoon about it, I gave in a little bit, felt my eyes welling a bit. Finished the bar of chocolate that I was hiding from myself. sigh..

The big “C” is like that rotten orange on the picture huh. That was a rotten orange that I dropped on the floor on the way to the garbazh. I thought, oh look at that even a rotten thing can have two sides to it.  The mold dust and a clear juice, we just had to make a choice of how we see it.


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