>A fundraising event..


Every year the local employees at work, hold a fundraising event, a mini golf tournament  with themed holes. Last year the theme was green, so the creative folks, had St. Patrick, Green – environ, the dollar, and other green ideas.

This year it was the “Spring Fling” I would have wanted to create a whole with a miniature BART train,etc. time snuck up on me and I didn’t even had the chance to conceptualize. It was fun, people paid $10.00 to play and used mulligans to remove a previous bad move (more like confession huh!). 


They used real flowers here and called this a “mountain of torture”, this is Hole 1 and a little tricky. 


The bridge, I think this was crafted by the Transportation Group, another tricky hole.

So the proceeds will go to the Childrens Hospital in Oakland, those who did not play, purchased raffle tickets, the prizes of which were solicited from friends in the neighborhood. Hotels, restaurants, etc. It was a fun and a rewarding experience at that. Anybody wants to buy raffle tickets? ::)


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