Pinoy recipes from my bro..

Whenever I talk to my family, conversation will always end up with food, who cooked, who discovered new recipes, of course mom will always have the final say as to “what is the best”.  Kudos to mom, though, she got married with no clue as to cooking, she discovered the kitchen out of need — to feed the hungry kids he he..

I remember my brother was telling me how frustrated he was, when he made country soup and the family just took for an entree and put rice over it.  Filipino cooking though relies on fresh ingredients so there is I feel nothing one can do to improve, unless another dish is created a fusion with another cuisine. But the traditionalists will not go with that, if it is shrimp then it is with this or that.

So, I will get this emails from another brother with cool pictures of food, I suspected he was a new blogger with a different name.. ha ha, he was just testing those Filipino recipes online and that was his way of giving a thumbs up. So, I thought I had something to share here.. but nada.. oh well


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