>That "C" Word Again..

>I snuck out from work today, not that anybody will notice as the cube farm is quiet, and visited a friend.  It all started with abdominal pain, she had to stay in the hospital for testing. Then I heard that she underwent surgery.. The prognosis, she has cancer — of what? that is the question.  The determination will come from the Oncology Department who can’t seem to come up with an answer.

The rumor at the hospital she will be discharged tomorrow, she will have to undergo a series of chemo treatment. But no one can tell her anything else.

In the meantime, her only son is agonizing at the thought but can’t comprehend any of this..

Such cruelty, she can’t even say a direct prayer to God, hah, what will she say, Oh God, I have cancer but I don’t know of what.. 🙂 I don’t understand, just a little attention-compassion will not really cost anything but will allow her and her family and friends to know better.



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