Macaroon is not a cookie and does not have coconut..

This was the fact laid down to us by a friend, creating such a snob noise in the process.  Silently I was thinking, anything that’s round is a cookie and macaroons do have coconut in it.  Because I grew up in a small town where one of the largest manufacturing plant of dessicated coconut is located, I had to insist that there has to be coconut in it.  Of course the argument ended there, because my friend’s mom owns a macaroon industrial processing plant.  It is that huge, they bake macaroons by the ton.  I will have the link the next time you check this page.

Macaroons are not cookies and does not have coconut in it.

Anyway, her mom visited and showed us how to make the to die for macaroon, that is not a cookie :0

Of course, I can’t tell you how to make it here as it is a business and I don’t want to jeopardize the trade secret, but I can say that the ingredients are:

almond meal (I was just imagining that it will be nice to make something out of ground almond, not realizing that it already exist in the market, how ancient is that)

vanilla bean

coffee essence or chocolate or pistaccio


egg whites and some yolks

The end result was an airy very light delicacy, it was so good that t took so much to reach a satiation point.  Notice that it has a sandwich-like look where 2 pieces are glued together, not by cream or -sugar glue but the moisture generated from putting the oven-fresh macaroons over a tray of hot water and gently putting them together. It is such a laborious process that is best done with a group of friends either with a movie or sufficient alcohol to imbibe such that it is a fun activity.  Great for bonding, I should say.

Oh and if the mixture has a little bit of light consistency then it is aired under the sun so that evaporation will occur.


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