The Saturday that was a while ago..

Yesterday morning, I attended a mass officiated by the Bishop of Oakland in the Cathedral, it was a mass for the youth of Oakland–not to say I am one. It turned out to be a celebration for St. John, one of the first priests, it is the year of the priests, after all, didn’t know that. The Bishop was wearing his hat, as an inspiration to the youths in their vocation, to answer God’s calling. He said vocation is not a career is not something that you have to be good at, often mistaken for as ways to be famous, make money, an oxymoron if you would look at it. The former being selfless, a response to a deeper call, giving of oneself without any expectation of a reward. Whereas the latter is so full of self, popularity, wealth, and success. Wow!

So after mass, I went next door to do a little bit of work until it is time to go to a celebration for a friend.  It was her birthday it is also a sort of celebration to her liberation from her aversion to anything techie, (oooh that’s too may tion there) she just got an Iphone and is enjoying it.  What is it that they say, there is an app for that.  All in all it was a good gathering, easy and relaxing. Ohhh, the margarita was strong and I discovered a summer pie, a no bake lemonade pie.  Yummm.. no pix this time, in the next gathering perhaps.. hint hint.. 

One of the gifts that she received was a book on zodiac signs (Catholic readers, don’t flinch it’s just a game :)) where there is a category called luncheon meat, the Libran spam is corned beef. My friend’s husband’s spam is olive, he cringed saying it is something that he hated as a child, eliciting a question as to what would he prefer listening to Elvis or eating an olive spam, he said none of the above.

Anyway, as soon as I got home, I went to bed being tired from all that activity, I am getting old, one event is enough for me.. Well an early bed does not work for me, woke up from a NAP energized to update this blog.

Oh! some days you will read me weaving words around subjects that does not seem to matter or those that matter but would segue into something else, consider it as a practice in writing. An effort to rehearse the crafting of worthy prose, I have not given up on my desire to write when I grow up, he he.. Factoid or urban legend, did you know that these days part of one’s portfolio includes Facebook, Twitter, and a blog, so if you are applying for a job that involves writing, you should have a blog to show proof , the others are I guess proof that you know and use the technology available. They do search for you online, word of the wise, go easy on what you say as it may haunt you when you don’t expect it.


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