There is a new resto in my neck of the woods..

Some weeks ago, I met a friend at the Sidebar on Grand Avenue, we didn’t have reservations, so we sat at the bar–who did we see, people from church, ha ha you can’t have an affair in this neighborhood, you just might bump into your confessor. The food was good, we had crostini topped with duck liver, deviled egges, frites, beans with trout, and something else that I can’t remember.  For a new place, the place is abuzz, price is good, the ambiance is good, service is surprisingly outstanding. I said surprisingly because it doesn’t seem to be a priority anymore.

This first outing -life, projects, faith filled the conversation. On a second outing last week, I was starving and had a bowl of mussels over shoestring potatoes in cream sauce, it’s different but I liked it and I had the crostini with duck liver, what can I say, I love foie gras, and there is a new drink that I discover called Zamboanga, which is an island in the Philippines. I have always been a red drinker aside from a rare ameretto, but this is the bomb, ha ha, not because of the name but it is a good cocktail drink, very light with a slow kick.



Single women, that we are conversation of course led to dating and all that.  So, as we were seated at the bar, my friend told me to scope the room and see if the one I would be attracted to was in the room, I said, no. Well, because my type is an average Joe, a boring looking caucasian man, sorry I have the Kingkong mentality ha ha. She talked about a blind date who was all that when they were talking on the phone, a Catholic, prays the rosary regularly, hmmm possible. Who turned out to be a middle-aged Berkely man, long hair, fit, seemed like, he just stopped what he was doing to meet her. Liked beer but didn’t check if the Trappist is open on Mondays, wanted to see a movie (on a first date?) can’t decide what he wanted to see, went instead for ice cream but he didn’t have cash on him. Whoops that’s too many whammies! Next, she said. 

But going back to the food, it is good, the noise level of the restaurant is a bit high but tolerable. 

      542 Grand Ave
      Oakland, CA 94610-3515
      (510) 452-9500
     Get directions

Now, I am going back to bed 🙂 Good morning!

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