More on being green..

Further to my Green post not too long ago.

I am a member of the Green Team at work-work is involve in climate change, greenhouse gas, sustainability and LEED buildings, so I have this awareness about sustainability. I also grew up in a traditional household, we reused and recycled more out of economics than the environment. So, when I attended a get together where my friend used disposable utencils, I asked for stemware, not being rude but trying to espouse that idea of reusing.

Wholefoods uses compostable utencils, which I commend them for trying, but if the consumer will dispose of this items in the regular trash bins then the purpose is defeated. Oakland has banned the use of styrofoam in restaurants another good effort.

Last week I bought a couple of turners/spatula made of bamboo for less than a dollar, I walked away feeling good about myself, that was a good buy.  But walking out of the store, I recalled that cutting down of bamboo trees were banned in the Philippines because such denudation will result in flooding, an imbalance in the ecosystem.  Therefore, somewhere in the Pacific bamboos are being cutdown irresponsibly to feed the growing demand of “green” products, and if we are paying so measly for those products then the cost of production must be so low that it could be to a sweatshop level.

During martial law in the Philippines, there is this program called, “the Green Revolution.” Buy locally, backyard farming, and other sustainable efforts. To a certain degree it was successful, if only dynamites were not used to catch fish in some areas or that pesticides were used more too often before the harsh effects were noted.

Responsible greening is the key.


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