Another new cafe..

There is a new cafe at the ground floor of the building where I work, it is part of chain in San Francisco and other cities, providing lunch to workers and tourists. I can’t say I am thrilled with it, except that it is convenient for people working through lunch. Rather silly but Oakland is cool in the sense that it does not have a mall, save for the coffee shops, drugstores and grocers is free from chains, there are a lot of independent stores, restaurants and bookstores. Oakland, one of the biggest cities in the US is not safe from the¬†assult of Corporate America. I wonder what this will do the Grand Avenue Grill (GAG) and the other restaurants in the neighborhood.

So the aroma of freshly baked bread replaced the stench of human existence. Yeah, that is part of Oakland, a coexistence of hard life, the pain of existence, the result of this trying econmic times and a luxurious wealthy life, a backdrop of the mansions up in the hills. A tableu of reality, a mixture of culture-of backgrounds, and everything else.

Okay, I said enough already. The food is good, cooked fresh all the time, and they deliver for just 2 bucks.


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